Northland Industrial Specialties is a leading industrial manufacturer of custom-made, enclosed facilities.

Over 25 years of constructing skidded and mobile units has provided us with the experience needed to branch into new industries. With the flexibility to engineer a product for your specific requirements, Northland Industrial Specialties is the company to call when you require an enclosed, modular facility tailored to fit your precise needs.

We are a Rockwell Automation OEM Partner with vast experience with PLC Automation, Integration, and mechanical work for many different skidded Modules. Our specialized understanding of the relationship between mechanical and automation processes ensures a seamless operation every time.


Services & Maintenance

Start-to-finish excellence.


Plug-N-Play Delivery

Start-to-finish excellence.

Design & Consulting Services

From concept to engineered reality.


Skidded Facilities

Custom solutions designed for SWD, LACT, Pipeline Booster for your system.


Proud Manufacturer Of Custom-built, Modular Facilities Since 1995

As your industrial welding and skid fabrication expert, Northland Industrial Specialties provides you with assistance from start to finish. With pre-tested plug-and-play designs, NIS is even able to promise faster installation and start-up!

Northland’s Capabilities Are Limitless

Northland Industrial Specialties provides custom-built modular structures to fit your specific and unique design parameters, from small cubicle-style modules to larger, expandable module varieties. Whether you require enclosed, modular units for municipal uses, or agricultural purposes, Northland Industrial Specialties is committed to providing you with any form of skidded facility you can imagine.

Committed to Quality & Innovation

For more than twenty-five years, Northland Industrial has set the tone for quality and innovation in our industry. With our customers’ needs always taking priority, our operating team consists of a broad range of highly experienced employees who routinely produce creative solutions in response to the demands of the industry. There is no substitute for the expertise that Northland Industrial provides. 

Investing in quality services and products ensures both success and safety for you and your employees, which is why we are eager to begin assisting you today!

Renewable Energy

As our company has evolved, Northland Industrial Specialties has realized the importance of the renewable energy industry and has developed specialized modular facility technologies in order to better serve the industry. With the ability to custom build enclosure skids for hydrogen generation units, battery storage, and related equipment, Northland is proud to join you on a path towards a greener future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative, quality-crafted products with prompt & reliable service. We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers, while maintaining a safe rewarding work environment for our employees.