northland industrial specialties llc

About Northland Industrial Specialties, LLC

The Beginning

Like many amazing success stories, ours started in a garage.

Northland Industrial Specialties, LLC, was founded in 1995 when our owners set out to fill a niche market in the energy industry. Drawing from their experience with process equipment manufacturing and automation in both the U.S. and international oil and gas industries, they began by creating fabricated products for municipal and industrial use. These ranged from small, dry-polymer mixing systems for enhanced oil recovery to large, skid-mounted water-injection facilities.

A desire to provide our valued customers with a greater array of services led to steady expansion and growth, particularly in the area of start-to-finish fabrication and installation solutions.

Where Northland Industrial Specialties, LLC is at Today

Today, Northland Industrial Specialties, LLC offers complete turnkey operations that integrate field construction supervision. We provide expertise in pipeline and gathering systems, construction and maintenance, facility commissioning, industrial welding, pipe welding, and industrial control services.

Systems that Northland Industrial Specialties, LLC has designed and built are currently operating in 20 U.S. states, as well as in India, Columbia, Chile, Russia, China, Albania, and North Sea.

Long recognized as a leader in the energy industry, Northland Industrial Specialties LLC is also a major player in the industrial and municipal industries, creating custom fabrications and providing maintenance and repairs.

From our humble beginnings in that garage over twenty-five years ago, Northland Industrial Specialties, LLC, remains a service company committed to providing solutions for all segments of the energy, industrial, and municipal industries.

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