Automation and Control

Control Automation Systems

Northland is an Automation Control System Manufacturer That Offers Options Tailored to Your Needs

At NIS, all of our automated manufacturing systems are built in-house with exacting precision and craftsmanship by highly trained professionals. We are an industry leader in skidded control systems that are uniquely designed for each project.

Our Automation Control Benefits From a Long History of Adaptability

Ever since our company was starting out, our founders recognized the value of  diversified capabilities. Northland Industrial currently offers a wide range of automation control system services, including control panel manufacturing. We are proud of our history of adaptability, which has in turn produced teams with years of expert experience in producing products such as control panel systems. Automation Control Systems are vital parts of any manufacturing system, and our team is well equipped to design, build, and install the right systems for your operations. 

Accredited PLC Control Systems & Variable Frequency Drive Panels Provider

All facets of our control systems are handled in-house by Northland professionals and are NRTL certified to UL508A Industrial Control Standards.  We utilize Allen Bradley PLCs for automation, data acquisition, and communications when the customer does not wish to provide particular specifications, but we are capable of tailoring our service to your preferred methods of data acquisition and communication. We also provide IEEE-519 compliant packaged-for-purpose VFD panels, which include harmonic filtration when required.

Flexibility In Service

In terms of preventative maintenance, Northland Industrial Specialties follows a set of procedures during the plug-in process of your skidded facility. In cases where customers opt to plug-in the modular unit into their facility themselves, our experts are thorough in detailing the steps to take to ensure that your unit will stand the test of time. Additionally, our skidded facilities are capable of being made with various materials, especially durable, easy to clean materials that similarly help each modular unit hold up against corrosion. 

We have the construction of our skidded facilities down to a science, and as a result can expertly consult your team about how to implement the most beneficial preventative maintenance routines. Furthermore, our staff can be hired to perform this preventative maintenance ourselves, saving customers any additional hassle.

From Concept To Service, We Are the Skidded Automation Control Manufacturer You Want To Work With. Put Your Projects In Trustworthy Hands!