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Custom Design Battery Storage

Northland Industrial Specialties, LLC provides custom-built modular structures to fit your individual and specific design parameters. 

History of Custom Battery Storage Excellence

Over 25 years of experience in the construction of various skidded and mobile products in the Energy, Industrial, and Municipal Industries has allowed us the flexibility to engineer products according to your specific requirements for Battery Storage. We are a Rockwell Automation OEM Partner with vast experience with PLC Automation, Integration, and mechanical work for many different skidded Modules that we have constructed. We specialize in understanding the relationship between mechanical and automation processes to make a seamless operation.

Modular Skidded Custom Battery Storage

Along with extensive customizable options, Northland’s battery storage products are advantageous to our customers due to their modular skidded nature. With a pre-tested, plug-and-play design for faster installation and start-up, our custom battery storage systems are flexible to accommodate any number of requirements. Your time is precious— let Northland Industrial Specialties free up your schedule with our quickly installed and easily integrated modular skids.

Custom Battery Storage Project

As an example of our custom manufacturing capabilities, Northland has produced a Quad Diesel Powered Paralleled 1 MWGenerator System, which included Automated Switchgear and Power monitoring. 

Additionally, by combining a 2000 HP Fluid Handling Transfer System and an Integrated Control Room, we produced a separate project that serves as an excellent example of how our products can be built according to an industrial design. 

The PLC used for certain custom battery projects utilizes variable frequency drives on skidded facility motor/power control centers, once again proving our expertise in custom battery storage manufacturing.

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