E-Houses & Electric Motor Control Centers (MCC)

For All of Your Site Electrical, Automation, and Control Panel System Requirements.

Northland E-Houses and Control Panel Systems

Northland Industrial Specialties’ E-houses and control panel systems are built to current NEC – NFPA70 Code for non-hazardous location classification. Beyond the initial control panels, our systems are additionally enclosed within skidded buildings for operational benefit and convenience.

Why Choose Northland’s Skidded E-Houses & Control Panel Systems?

The ability to transport a control room environment where it is needed, rather than installing outdoor control enclosures or site-built structures at a processing site, makes E-buildings an excellent choice for your grassroots projects or existing plant needs. Furthermore, the modular systems protect expensive control panel equipment from theft or vandalism, as well as shield equipment from the deteriorating effects of the weather, all while providing a shelter for operators and maintenance.


Customizable E-Houses and Control Panel Systems

Northland can build E-houses in a number of customizable styles. We are able to manufacture modules that contain a well-lit interior with multiple control systems including several VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), harmonic filters, and control systems for multiple electronic devices all prewired and terminated in junction boxes or gutter systems for ease of connection on location.  All systems are monitored and controlled through a programmable PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with touch screen HMI (Human-Machine Interface).

Endless configuration options are available, including features that allow for expansion as future operational needs arise.  Potential uses include any number of alternate or combined buildings; These are a few examples:

  • Operator Control Station
  • SCADA System Building
  • Control & Switchgear Building
  • MCC Building
  • Integrated Systems
  • Server Rooms

E-Houses Are Cost-Effective Control Panel System Solutions

E-buildings are a cost-effective way to add control room capacity to an existing processing plant with limited space, or where onsite construction might be disruptive or hazardous. Not only do you save money by avoiding lengthy construction work, but our skidded buildings save you valuable time as well. They are quick to install and easy to “plug” into your existing operations. By cutting down on installation time, you are freed up to focus on other essential areas of your operations.

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