Stainless Steel Piping and Filtration

Fluid Filtration Skids

Fluid filtration skids designed by Northland Industrial Specialties are able to remove micro-organisms and other contaminants from the process. Our efforts to build optimal filtration skids benefits our municipal and industrial customer bases in particular. Discover how excellence in modular construction can solve your filtration unit needs and explore Northland Industrial Specialties’ many options.

Custom Engineered Filtration Skids

No two skids are the same, even when both are manufactured for fluid filtration, which is why Northland Industrial Specialties has a highly qualified team of engineers that excels at constructing units based around your needs. We are well equipped to meet your needs, and are particularly well suited to plug our filtration skids directly into your operation when your order requires on-site assistance.

Explore Our Various Fluid Filtration Skid Packages

Northland Industrial Specialties has numerous examples of fluid filtration skid capabilities. NIS is able to produce filtration skids for particle removal, water removal, oil removal, acid removal, or even varnish removal. By utilizing automated control systems, using touch screen HMIs, PLC-based controls, and a variety of communication protocols, we are able to manufacture fully operational skid units that not only filter fluids, but also provide easy-to-use operational controls.

The standard features incorporated into most of our fluid filtration units include upstream/downstream ports, variable speed control equipment, and plugged filter components. Each project has unique requirements, however, which is why we also are happy to provide our customers with additional filtration skid equipment, such as stainless steel wetted parts or inline digital particle monitors. The possibilities are endless when you choose NIS as your fluid filtration skid manufacturer.

Northland Industrial Specialties is proud to provide our customers with a responsive workforce that is eager to answer any of their fluid filtration skid questions. We understand that there are many variables that come with any filtration unit project, and we are fully committed to helping you understand which unit types will work best for your needs. Don’t let our many modular unit options overwhelm you, talk with an NIS representative today and let us take care of the rest!

Our Team Is Ready To Assist You In Your Filtration Skid Needs!