Modular Farming

Modular Growing Systems

Modular farms are adaptable, enclosed systems that allow you to do agricultural work without the use of soil or sunlight.

Sustainable Farming Benefit of Modular Growing Systems

The modularity of our growing systems allows our customers to easily adapt to new markets and seamlessly expand their facilities, all while eliminating extra costs. The fully integrated modular growing system reduces waste and water use, eliminates any need for harmful pesticides, and allows farmers to always have in-depth access to growing conditions and related data.

Modular Growing Systems Grow Profits, Too!

Not only are modular growing systems an excellent resource towards the pursuit of sustainability, these modular systems can also be quite lucrative business investments. When working with a modular growing system, you are not tied to a single crop; Instead of weighing the trade offs of growing one crop versus another, you have the ability to add new farming modules as you choose to scale up and add new crops. Each modular growing unit could even be stacked on top of each other, making use of horizontal spaces.

The modular growing system also has you covered if you need to downsize. These units make it easy to remove sections if necessary. The system can also scale up and down without redundancy by utilizing a variety of different modules.


Why Choose Northland Industrial Specialties For Your Modular Growing System Needs?

Northland Industrial’s modular growing systems in particular are easier to use and potentially more scalable than others in the industry. To accommodate plants grown in these climate-controlled environments, our modular units are compatible with LED lighting systems to allow for precise, year-round growing. Additionally, these units often require no soil at all, so Northland Industrial Specialties manufactures equipment to assist in the precise drip of liquid nutrients instead.


Modular Growing Systems Are Branching Into New Territories

Indoor farming is quickly becoming industry standard, in bone-dry deserts and the cold heart of the Arctic, in cities and remote communities, and in homes and businesses alike.

Limitless Options With Northland Industrial Specialties’ Modular Growing Systems

These modular growing systems can grow everything from corn to cherry tomatoes and beyond! Your options are practically limitless when it comes to agricultural products.

Moreover, you also benefit from a wide range of production options when you choose Northland to manufacture your modular growing systems. Our units are controlled by a fully autonomous system, whose optional features include:

  • Climate control
  • Irrigation control
  • Misting and fan control
  • Nutrient and pH management
    Reservoir control

Our Team Is Ready To Assist You In Your Modular Farming Needs!