Polymer Make Down Systems

Polymer Makedown Systems

Northland’s Norvac Systems eductor dissolves difficult-to-wet chemicals, such as polyelectrolyte flocculants and coagulants, bio-polymers, and powdered activated carbon. Northland prides itself on being able to manufacture products tailored to customer needs; our systems can be applied to a wide variety of industries, including food, mining, paper, and oil. When you require a polymer Makedown system custom designed to fit a specific application, Northland Industrial is the manufacturer to call.

Our polymer Makedown system eductor device relies on breakthrough concepts found in the famous Schieber Eductor, designed specifically for dry-polymer wetting and dissolving. Northland’s eductor meets the challenge of dissolving difficult-to-wet chemicals, whether in the form of a fly-away powder, microbead, flake, or graded distribution particle. Our systems, however, are even more uniquely qualified to meet your needs because of Northland’s continuous commitment to innovation and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel construction.

Advantages of Choosing a Northland Polymer Makedown System

Personal Safety

Northland Industrial cares for your employees as if they were our own. Because of this, Northland guarantees fully-enclosed, dust-free powder handling and transfer for enhanced safety measures. You deserve to work with a company that prioritizes your best interests, which is why we believe you should choose Northland Industrial for your Polymer Makedown Systems.


Our polymer Makedown systems utilize PLC-based control and polymer-proven instrumentation for easy customer operation. Additionally, our systems involve self-generated, high ΔP vacuums and integrated system components. Our simplified design eliminates the need for blowers and air pumps, optimizing the system while simultaneously allowing for easier operation.

100% Particle Wetting

With Northland Industrial’s polymer Makedown systems you will never have to worry about “fish eyes” during wetting & dissolving processes. Our complete dry and wet zone separation system removes the need for plugging and produces phenomenal results.

Check Out the Different Ways Our Polymer Makedown Systems Have Been Employed:

Mobile Gel Unit

Explore how Northland Industrial uses our world-class polymer Makedown system technology to produce mobile gel units.

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