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Salt Water Disposal Systems

Northland manufactures salt water disposal systems designed with room to grow. A salt water disposal (SWD) well disposes of water produced during the oil extraction process. Northland offers industry-leading equipment in addition to turnkey support for the management of these oil field fluids. Providing transportation and storage options for salt water disposal, the uses for our skidded facilities are vast, making Northland an adaptable company to trust with your projects

How Do Northland’s Salt Water Disposal Systems Work?

Northland Salt Water Disposal Systems help our customers disperse saltwater safely through the use of modular systems. Utilizing as many as three working layers, our systems are constructed with stainless steel piping. We manufacture products in a large range of sizes, which enables our salt water disposal devices to cover entire wells and injection device areas.

In addition to these systems, Northland also offers Salt Water Disposal Truck Offloading, with automation capabilities. This is yet another way Northland works to meet any need that our customers bring to the table.

Why Should I Choose Northland for My Saltwater Disposal Needs?

Because runoff liquid during oil and gas production can potentially contaminate surrounding soil and groundwater, choosing a manufacturer that you can trust is crucial. Northland is confident that we are the safest and most reliable option in the industry, backed by years of experience and a well-rounded staff of experts.


Salt Water Disposal Project Example

As an example of our manufacturing capabilities, we have produced a 16’ X 67’ skidded facility in the past for salt water disposal. According to customer specifications, this disposal was built to house two injection pumps with one system installed. 

Components for this salt water disposal system included a Horizontal Centrifugal Pump, Stainless Steel Filters, a Charge Pump, and Stainless Steel Piping. These components were chosen for this project because our experts, alongside our customers’ design team, deemed them to be ideal for satisfying requirements, but this is certainly not an extensive list of the available components for your potential future projects.

Lastly, Northland fitted this salt water disposal system with an 800 Horsepower, 20,000+ BPD Injection Single Pump System. In the case of this project, the facility was also designed to install a second injection pump, doubling the capacity of the plant. The system included mounting pads, wiring, and area for the second charge pump and filter system. Ultimately, we met the needs of our customer by providing an easily installed, expertly manufactured salt water disposal facility.

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