SaltWater Truck Offloading

Our saltwater disposal automation is expertly manufactured to provide you with a smooth truck offloading process.

Saltwater Disposal Automation

As regulations increase regarding liquid waste and produced water disposal, it is crucial to invest in saltwater disposal methods that are up to standard. Northland Industrial Specialties prides itself on creating eco-friendly solutions, offering a variety of truck offloads that reduce emissions and discharge during saltwater disposal, all while being fully automated! Turn your waste into profit with Northland Industrial Specialties’ customizable saltwater truck offloads.

Automation for Produced Water

Saltwater, or produced water, refers to the water produced during oil extraction processes. It can be dangerous to the environment due to the extremely high levels of salt. As a result, the water must be disposed of properly, whether through automated or manual means. 

While it is impossible to fully decontaminate this saltwater, produced water from oil-drilling operations can be reused in certain ways. Our saltwater disposal automation units can be built to recycle this water, so whether you use this treated water to produce energy through steam generation or for re-injection, ultimately, our units save you resources.

More Than Just a Saltwater Truck Offloading Manufacturer

In addition to saltwater disposal automation related to truck offloading, Northland Industrial Specialties also manufactures other forms of saltwater disposal units with similar benefits. Learn more about our other options here!

How Northland Industrial Met Our Customer’s Saltwater Disposal Automation Needs

Our saltwater disposal automation is on display for this truck offloading project. Accommodating our client’s needs, we built a 10’ X 14’ Skidded Facility for the purpose of saltwater offloading. Two offload systems were installed for this particular project, though our customizing abilities offer larger quantities of offload systems per project if needed.

This saltwater disposal automation project also involved stainless steel piping and fluid measuring equipment, which allowed for precise measurements during the automated saltwater disposal process. The systems in place for this project included two 440 GPM pumps and a saltwater disposal automation connected to the SWD plant.

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