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May 30, 2023

Northland Industrial Polymer Make Down Systems

The coagulation and flocculation stage is critical for effective water purification. This process uses specialty polymers to aggregate suspended contaminants so they can be removed. Properly activating these polymers before injection is key to optimizing treatment. Northland Industrial offers customized polymer make down systems featuring innovative eductor mixing technology. Their equipment reliably activates polymers for superior coagulation. This enables facilities to achieve excellent water quality in the most cost-effective manner.

The Northland Make Down Difference

Northland designs and manufactures polymer make down systems for water and wastewater treatment applications. Their eductor technology hydraulically activates difficult-to-wet polymers for complete dissolving. Northland polymer systems deliver numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced safety with totally enclosed powder handling
  • Simplified operation with PLC controls and instrumentation
  • No “fish eyes” thanks to specialized wetting eductors
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel equipment

By relying on high vacuum mixing instead of air pumps, the systems are self-contained and user-friendly. Northland can custom engineer equipment based on specific polymer types, desired dilution ratios, and available plant utilities. The integrated approach prevents polymer clumping and ensures consistent dosing.

Optimized Coagulation and Flocculation

Properly diluted and activated polymer is essential for coagulation and flocculation. Northland make down systems completely dissolve polymer particles. This enables the maximum activation of polymer chains to bind with suspended solids. Treating raw water with optimized polymers drives efficient clustering and removal of contaminants.

Facilities can fine-tune the polymer dilution and injection based on raw water conditions. Northland provides the instrument controls and automation features needed for easy adjustments. The reliability, flexibility, and performance of Northland systems translate to lower chemical consumption and treated water of exceptional quality.

The Advantages of Modular Systems

Northland Industrial can supply complete polymer make down systems built into modular enclosures. These pre-engineered buildings offer customers unique benefits:

  • Mobility – The enclosure containing the entire system can be relocated as needs change. This allows for polymer feed at various treatment stages or sites.
  • Ease of Installation – Modules can be installed rapidly, often in a single day. This allows new or temporary polymer feed systems to be operational quickly.
  • Flexibility – Additional modules can be added in the future to boost capacity. Existing modules can also be repurposed for other roles.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Modular buildings avoid the need for constructing new polymer facilities. This provides major cost savings for temporary or expanding operations.
  • Weather Protection – The enclosed structure shields the polymer equipment from harsh outdoor conditions and extremes of temperature.

The modularity and ease of installation open up new possibilities for utilizing polymer injection. Water treatment facilities can reap the advantages of Northland’s advanced polymer activation technology in more locations. Staged coagulant feed, temporary treatment operations, and rapid expansions become simpler than ever. Northland’s modular approach brings innovative polymer make down to wherever it is needed.


Northland Industrial’s innovative eductor technology offers significant advantages for polymer activation. Their customized polymer make-down systems allow facilities to achieve excellent coagulation and flocculation. This directly benefits downstream treatment processes while reducing operating costs. With Northland Industrial systems, facilities get the polymer make-down performance they need for superior water purification.

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