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Custom Fabrications Designed For You

One of the many attributes that set Northland Industrial apart from our competitors is our dedication to flexibility. As a company that specializes in custom fabrication, Northland Industrial Specialties is truly able to take your skidded facility ideas and turn them into a reality!

Our services can be utilized for virtually any industry that could benefit from a modular unit. Regardless of the unique sizes or components that your fabrications may require, we are able to provide you with an automated process system that is custom-made to meet or exceed your performance expectations.

Northland Makes it Simple

With over 25 years in the business, Northland makes our custom fabrication and design process easy for clients. We already know exactly which questions to ask to ensure that the product you receive is the product you envisioned, which means that we are able to begin essential design work even more quickly and efficiently.

And because many of our products are built in-house, Northland Industrial is able to ensure that each project is completed with exacting precision and craftsmanship by our highly trained professionals. No order request is too difficult for our team of adaptable innovators.

Northland Works With You

While our expertly fabricated automated process systems offer great value to our customers on their own, we also know that our clients deserve the best when it comes to customer service. Therefore, Northland Industrial makes it our mission to communicate effectively during our custom design projects so that you never feel out of the loop when it comes to your order. 

You ought to be comfortable knowing those you employ for all of your automated system process needs. At Northland Industrial, we accomplish this level of trust by answering any questions our customers have for us and often teaching our clients the ins and outs of the design and manufacturing processes that are usually only available to those who work in the industry.

Whether you come to Northland Industrial looking for answers or already have an established knowledge of the industry, we offer attentive service with quick response times during the entirety of your time working with our company.

Our team is dedicated to the safety and dependability of the equipment we design and manufacture for your company, which is why when you partner with Northland Industrial we not only build reliable automated process systems, we build strong business relationships that you can depend upon.

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