LACT Units

The oil & gas industry is just one of many industries that Northland Industrial serves. Our expertly constructed LACT units serve this industry through optimal design, modular skidding, and customizable features.

What Is a LACT Unit?

For those unfamiliar with these units, LACT is an acronym for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer. A LACT unit is a piece of equipment that measures, meters, and analyzes the quality and net volume of crude oil, water, or other liquids. Like the name says, our units allow for reliable automation during the process of transporting petroleum products from one entity or operation to another. 

Why Should I Choose a Northland Made LACT Unit?

LACT units allow for both the recipient and the supplier of petroleum products to be confident in the integrity of the transaction, which is why your LACT unit must be manufactured according to the same world-class quality that Northland Industrial is famous for providing.

Understanding the measurements that play important roles in affecting both the quality and quantity of your product, Northland LACT units provide exceptionally accurate gauges and readings on temperature, API (American Petroleum Institute) Gravity, and Basic Sediment & Water content.

Additionally, with many years of experience under our belt, Northland has the expert manufacturing skills required to build the best LACT units in the business. Having produced a wide variety of customized LACT units in the past, among our many other customizable modular units, we have the capability to produce equipment that meets your exact needs. Whether you require unusual dimensions or need to accommodate several wells at once, Northland Industrial Specialties excels at building custom LACTs to fit the needs of the application!


How Northland Met Our Customer’s LACT Unit Needs

Northland Industrial Specialties met a customer’s needs for a LACT Unit and constructed a 9’ X 20’ Skidded Facility that was able to accommodate 3 wells. The involved components included a Fiberglass Building, a Coriolis Meter, and a Charge Pump. Three sample systems were also provided over the course of this project.

The LACT unit systems themselves included a 150 BPH Lease Automatic Custody Transfer System, and was able to measure transferable oil from three sources, as was required by our client.

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